For Life Insurance coverage, we advise various policies for Child & Adults and include all kind of Endowment plans, Money Back plans and ULIPS (Unit Linked Plans). Since the real benefit of a Life Insurance Policy is only after his/her death, when you are not there to fight the system, we follow the saying that “It Takes Time For An Elephant Even To Sit”, and so we advise policies only from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India), which apart from Government of India owned Company, is India’s one of the most trusted brand, besides being a fifty year old company.

Life insurance cover taken by any individual helps his family financially in case of untimely death.


Endowment plans:

Jeevan Anand (entry age-18 yrs.) – sum assured along with bonus is payable in lump sum on survival to the end of the term. An additional sum assured is payable on death thereafter.

Jeevan Tarang (entry age-0 yrs.) – this is a with-profits whole life plan which provides for annual survival benefit at a rate of 5½ % of the sum assured, after the chosen accumulation period.

Jeevan Mitra (entry age-18 yrs.) – Plan that provides greater financial protection against death throughout the term of plan. It pays the maturity amount on survival to the end of the policy term.

Jeevan Anurag (entry age-20 yrs.) – Plan specifically designed to take care of the educational needs of children.

Jeevan Saral (entry age-12 yrs.) – plan where the proposer has simply to choose the amount and mode of premium payment.

Jeevan shri (entry age-18 yrs.) – sum assured alongwith guaranteed additions and bonus, if any, is payable in a lump sum on death of the life assured during the policy term.

Money-back plans:

Money Back Policy (table/term:75/20) (entry age-13 yrs.) - sum assured plus all bonuses to date is payable in a lump sum upon the death of the life assured during the policy term irrespective of the survival benefit /benefits paid earlier.

Jeevan Surabhi (entry age-14 yrs.) – maturity term is more than premium paying term. Early and higher rate of survival benefit payment. Risk cover increases every five years.

Single Premium Plan

Bima Bachat (entry age-15 yrs.) – bima bachat requires the policy holder to pay only one premium.


Komal Jeevan (entry age-0 yrs.) – plan that provides financial protection against death during the term of plan with periodic payments on survival at specified durations.


Marriage Endowment (entry age-18 yrs.)– plan that provides for benefits on or from the selected maturity date to meet the marriage/educational expenses of the named child.


Jeevan Sathi (entry age-18 yrs.) - plan issued on the lives of husband and wife. The plan provides financial protection against death of both the lives. It pays the maturity amount on survival of one or both the lives to the end of the policy term.


Market Plus (entry age-18 yrs.) – unit linked pension plan wherein the pension is payable after a specified period. Four types of investment funds namely bond, secured, balanced and growth fund are offered under the scheme.

Profit Plus (entry age-0 yrs.) – unit linked endowment plan where the premium payment term (PPT) is limited to single lump sum, or uniformly over 3, 4 or 5 years

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