General/ Non-Life Insurance

We follow the same principle of trust and security, which is very vital in Insurance sector as a whole, in providing Non-Life or General Insurance through National Insurance Company Ltd. We provide all types of Mediclaim policies (For senior citizens also), Mediclaim during Foreign Visit, Car & Two wheeler policy (Private & Commercial), Household policy, Personal Accident policy, Shopkeeper’s policy, Workmen Compensation Policy, Office Package policy, Cargo insurance policy etc.

It provides insurance cover to any unexpected loss, at home or at business premises.


Mediclaim Policy - provides protection to individuals, families, employers, employees and welfare bodies against heavy financial burden for treatment in hospitals for illness, disease or accident, whether involving surgery or not.

Parivar Mediclaim - family floater health insurance policy wherein entire family will be covered under single sum insured. Family means self, spouse & two dependant children up to an age of 25 years. Parents are not covered.

Vidyarthi Mediclaim - mediclaim for students is a unique policy designed to provide health and personal accident cover to the students. It also provides for continuation of insured students education in case of death or permanent total disablement of the guardian due to an accident.

Varistha Mediclaim - this policy has been designed to cater to the needs of our senior citizens. Persons not having any mediclaim cover, of age between 60-80 years, can take this policy.

Overseas Mediclaim - overseas mediclaim policy covers medical expenses while traveling abroad for business or holiday.

Critical Illness policy - provides exclusive benefit to individuals in the age group 20-65 years who are unexpectedly diagnosed for treatment of critical ailments like coronary artery surgery, cancer, renal failure, major organ transplant, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Personal Accident Policy - compensates individual against death, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement, solely and directly resulting from accidental injuries.

Motor policy for Private Cars - policy for owner of motor car, used for personal purposes against the loss due to damage / theft / burglary of vehicle or any part there of, electrical accessories and also includes cover against liability towards third party personal injury and property damage.

Motor policy for two wheelers - policy covers against loss or damage to the insured vehicle and/or its accessories and also covers third party insurance.

Householders policy - covers loss of or damage to the building/contents by fire & allied perils, such as riot, strike, lightning, explosion, flood, cyclone, inundation earth quake etc.

Niwas Yojana - insures repayment of housing loan in case of accidental death/permanent total disablement of loanee and also covers residential building and the owner’s permanent fixture and fittings against fire and allied perils including flood, storm, earthquake etc.


Shopkeepers policy - specifically devised for small shopkeepers having building and stock value limited to less than or equal to rupees ten lacs. Policy covers risks like stock in trade, building, furniture, money-in-transit, business interruption etc.

Burglary policy - covers loss due to theft and burglary of movable properties like stock-in-trade, plant and machinery, furniture, fittings etc.

Office package policy - policy provides a package of various covers required by an office establishment including cover for buildings, fixture and fittings, office contents, equipments, cover for employees, public liability etc.

Public liability insurance - policy indemnifies the insured against legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for death /bodily injury or damage to property arising out of accidents out of insured’s business.

Jewellers block policy - covers loss of or damage to the stock in trade and also cash and currency notes while contained in the premises where the insured’s business is carried on.

Marine cargo insurance - policy provides cover to cargo against risk of damage when it is exposed to maritime perils during transportation.

Workmen compensation insurance - provides indemnity to the insured against liability to pay compensation if any employee in the insured’s service sustain bodily injury by accident or contracts disease arising out of and in the course of his employment.

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