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Money is what everybody works for, be it for fulfilling their own needs, or of their parent’s, or of their children, or of poor, or of the society. One can earn money thru two ways. First thru selling capital (Business) or selling time (Service) or selling Knowledge (Professionals) and Second the money earned by money itself.

The Second way of earning money includes, (a) Interest earned on Deposits (eg. Fixed Deposits, National Saving Certificates, PPF, Kisan Vikas Patra etc.) Where the earning is normally known prior to investment (b) Appreciation in the value of Market controlled Financial Instruments like Shares, Mutual Funds in which the amount of earning is not known, and (c) Other Investment like Purchase of Precious Metals (eg. Gold, Silver etc.), Investment in Real Estate etc.

In all the above broad ways of earning money, earning estimated thru investment in shares is the one having maximum range i.e., it can give huge appreciation to your value and at the same time has the potential to erode your capital considerably. As it has been rightly said “Risk is a part of God’s game, alike for men and nations”. To cushion this extraordinary swing, concept of Mutual Funds came into existence. Mutual Funds apart from giving decent return, protects one’s money in the price fall, as its concept of investing in different companies averages the price fall.


We at DOCTOR MONEY tabulate the data given by world’s best-known research organizations and advise in accordance with the performance of the Mutual Fund, without any prejudice. The research organizations include ICRA (Moody’s Investor Service), CRISIL (Standard & Poor’s), LIPPER, VALUE RESEARCH and MONEY CONTROL. For Mutual Funds, we act as Distributors for country’s top Mutual Fund Companies, which covers almost hundred percent of top five mutual funds scheme in any given category.


For Life Insurance coverage, we advise various policies for Child & Adults and include all kind of Endowment plans, Money Back plans and ULIPS (Unit Linked Plans). Since the real benefit of a Life Insurance Policy is only after his/her death, when you are not there to fight the system, we follow the saying that “It Takes Time For An Elephant Even To Sit”, and so we advise policies only from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India), which apart from Government of India owned Company, is India’s one of the most trusted brand, besides being a fifty year old company.


We follow the same principle of trust and security, which is very vital in Insurance sector as a whole, in providing Non-Life or General Insurance through National Insurance Company Ltd. We provide all types of Mediclaim policies (For senior citizens also), Mediclaim during Foreign Visit, Car & Two wheeler policy (Private & Commercial), Household policy, Personal Accident policy, Shopkeeper’s policy, Workmen Compensation Policy, Office Package policy, Cargo insurance policy etc.

As for one’s own investment, we tend to invest, only when we think we will receive return on our investment, the same principal applies to the person who assist with your investments, with life and non-life insurance coverage. In a country where the concept of prompt and honest service is not so common, as the person gives more value to the various kinds of discounts & other freebies, we later always realize the saying by Mr. Warren Buffet “Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who has been swimming naked”.

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